Book Reviews A-Z

Here are all the fiction and non-fiction books I’ve reviewed, listed A-Z by author surname. (I’m a bookseller, I just can’t organise any other way.) I’ve put children’s+YA together and kept them seperate from the adult titles, because in the bookshop of my head that also makes sense. Happy reading!

Borodale, Sean: Bee Journal (poetry)

Bowles, Paul: The Sheltering Sky (fiction)

Chatwin, Bruce: The Songlines (non-fiction)

Eldridge, Lisa: Face Paint: The Story of Makeup (non-fiction)

García Márquez, Gabriel: No One Writes to the Colonel (fiction)

Kawakami, Hiromi: Strange Weather in Tokyo (fiction)

Kundera, Milan: Festival of Insignificance (fiction)

Levy, Deborah: Swimming Home (fiction)

Seethaler, Robert: A Whole Life (fiction)

Shepherd, Nan: The Living Mountain (non-fiction)

Toomey, Christine: The Saffron Road: A Journey with Buddha’s Daughters (non-fiction)

Von Arnim, Elizabeth: The Enchanted April (fiction)

Yan, Mo: Radish (fiction)

Yanagihara, Hanya: The People in the Trees (fiction)


Children’s books (not all reviewed in-depth, but all highly recommended):

Alexander, Kwame: Booked

Empson, Jo: Rabbityness

Henry, O: Das Geschenk Der Weisen (The Gift of the Magi)

James, Simon: Leon and Bob

Murphy, Jill: Peace at Last

Sheldon, Dyan: The Whales’ Song